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New School Building, Hurray Ripple!

By Benson Abila


11. March 2020

We celebrate the milestone we have come as far as an organization. Since the inception of the school in 2006 as a non-formal education center, it is by the grace of God and consistency that now ensures we now have a new permanent school building registered as an APBET (Alternative providers of basic education and training) school. 

We are very grateful to our donors and dear friends Ripple Effect Project who have held our hands for several years now since 2007. A phase one of a permanent structure, built to the standard classroom able to accommodate six grades was made possible by our dear donors. The project cost a fortune, and that only shows how committed we are together with our partners in ensuring we are constantly improving the conditions of the school to create an amazing learning environment for the children.

The journey has been long, and the transitions have only been made possible through countless partners and friends that forever want to see us grow. The buildings were initially made of mud and some of them were in not very good conditions, this even constantly created challenges with the health department. 

We also applaud the Better Me project for having helped put up some structures back in the day when the situation was horrendous. Sticking together with us in ensuring the school can run and the organization strives towards efficiency day by day only brings joy and gratitude to our hearts. A journey of 23 years since the inception of the organization, witnessing the small steps we have had up until now we made a big step, only humbles our hearts and makes us believe that humanity still exists, and so much abundantly.   

Mama Dolfine has struggled to make the best of the school with her resources and support from several parties, this only makes her smile and shed tears of Joy witnessing such a beautiful story building equipped with desks and chairs for the children. As a teacher, she feels the joy of learning in the best environment and forever remains grateful to our partners.

Thank you Ripple Effect Project for this amazing milestone, building and equipping the classrooms and we look forward to an even greater partnership ahead. 


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