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A Visitor from Norway

By Benson Abila


11. March 2020

 It’s another special moment that we want to give thanks and gratitude to our Brother Are Jacobsen, who visited us for three days from Thursday 31st January to Saturday 1st February all the way from Norway.

Since 2004, Are, his parents and sister have been supporting us. For 16 years now, we have benefited as a center because of the good heart the family has had in holding our hands on this journey.

Also a special thank you to the mother who has been dear to us since she met Mama Dolfine, and we wish her well and quick recovery as she is currently not doing well. The support made life easy for Mama Dolfine who has also been Asthmatic since birth, and Are’s family has made it easy for her not to think so much as she expects something at the end of every month to support the children.

Thank you Jacobsen family for your monthly and continued support, you live in our hearts and forever keep making life better for our children. Asante and Karibuni tena.

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