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Be part of the journey to transform the life of a child and give them a brighter tomorrow

Get Involved

Volunteer at Korando!

Our School

Madoma Korando Faith Children’s Learning Centre

Team up with our teachers at the ECD and primary school section and get the best experience. You can always get involved in the classes, workshops, physical education, creative arts,  reading club, extra-curricular and even holiday activities. There is always room for more ideas. Join us and have fun!



 Social Impact


When we have people joining us from all corners of the world its an integration of various cultures with a big diversity in background and skills. The children having this opportunity to interact with the volunteers creates amazing  and timeless benefits.


Sustainable Farming


The foundation relies on 14 acres of farm and trying different farm projects like fish farming, cows, chicken, and sheep to help provide income. However, the yields are not so well compared to our input and it needs a lot of improvement due to a few challenges.  The farm is the main source of funding for the Foundation if you leave out donor funding. Therefore there is an urgent need to make some improvements and push it towards environmental and financial sustainability.



Join our staff


We have an amazing staff, right from the administration,  social work, kitchen staff, and even logistics and maintenance who are committed to taking the organization forward. Join this wonderful team, and use your knowledge and skills to help us achieve the vision! 







We always have new projects and activities coming up that needs a lot of effort in the fundraising department. New projects such as The solar irrigation project for the farm and building standard dorms for the boys and girls could always use some help!


Community Projects


The organization is looking forward to doing more projects with the community apart from the support we provide by uplifting through education. Having socio-economically stable oriented workshops and programs is also part of the plan. Join us and be part of this!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your main projects?

 Our main project is the provision of literacy, where we offer quality education to orphans and vulnerable children in our APBET primary school. Alongside this due to the vulnerability in the homes, we have a boarding and feeding program to supplement it and provide basic needs and loving care. We also have a bursary program for our highschool and college students, where we pay fees to respective government institutions they have qualified for. We then supplement all this with  summer camps, workshops and mindset trainings.

 What is the organization’s goal?

The main mission and purpose of the organization is to uplift the local community through support of the OVCs by introducing programs aimed at providing education, vocational training, spiritual mentorship, healthcare, food, and shelter to achieve a responsible, socially and economically empowered individual.

Where is the organization based?

The Organization is based in Kisumu, along Kisumu-Busia road directly opposite Lexo petrol station.

How do you fund the project?

We run the whole program through well-wishers, donors, volunteers, and fundraising. We also have a farm that helps us support the feeding program.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by Donating or Volunteering. Donations can be made through our paybill or bank transfers. We also accept material donations. 

Am I eligible to volunteer? If so, how can I volunteer?

 Yes, you are eligible to volunteer. Join us in the school, the organization and at the farm and have an amazing experience. Just message us and we will reach out and get you slotted in the program.