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In these tough times of poverty, low cost of living and the HIV/AIDS pandemic hitting most of our community, orphans and vulnerable children are on the rise. It is, therefore, our vision that each child gets the opportunity to have access to quality education, basic needs and loving care.
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Our Mission & Vision

Children are our focus

We envision a world where each child has the opportunity to literacy, social and economic empowerment and spiritual nourishment for a better tomorrow.

Mission & Purpose

To uplift the local community through support of the OVCs by introducing programs aimed at providing education, vocational training, spiritual mentorship, healthcare, food and shelter to achieve a responsible, socially and economically empowered individual.

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Our History

The Dolfine Korando Faith Foundation began as a Widows and Orphans women group in 1997. The group was formed by 10 widows and 5 orphans coordinated by Mrs. Dolfine Oliech (Mama Dolfine) and aimed to solve problems of widowhood, orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). 

1997 – 2006

In order to achieve this goal, the group founded a CBO and empowered the beneficiaries by providing income-generating activities to widows and education to OVCs. 

2006 – 2013

A non- formal ECD and primary school was then set up in 2006, adding to a boarding program of the most vulnerable kids staying within the center. 

2013 – 2018

In 2013 the CBO was transformed into an NGO with a keen interest in the provision of education, basic needs, and loving care.

2018 – 2020

In 2018 the school was registered as an APBET (Alternative provider of basic education and training) and DKFF has since grown its wings by accommodating more children into the program and getting more involved in other empowering activities. Currently, we reach 327 children within the community through our school and Bursary program. According to our holistic approach, we provide mentorship, vocational training, and community empowerment in addition to formal education.

Our Beliefs & Values

We are guided by a set of belief and values that ensure we maximise the impact we have on transforming the lives of the child and creating for them a better tomorrow


 Everything begins and ends with love. We operate under the umbrella of unconditional love, teaching, counselling, and providing care with love.


  We are keen to nurture faith in our children in order to achieve their spiritual nourishment.


  We uphold equality in ensuring all the children must be treated fairly and with dignity and allowed to access to quality education,  basic needs  and loving care.


 Working with children and individuals from various backgrounds, we appreciate and embrace their perspectives, approaching them from a point of love and genuine concern.  


 We are committed to ensuring transparency in all our activities and spending according to our yearly budget. This means the organization is usually audited every year to maintain trust and confidentially between our various donors and us.

“For me, the child comes first, we have to ensure our children have a brighter tomorrow and a future to look at “

– Mama Dolfine

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

We are blessed to have an amazing team of individuals who are dedicated to achieving our vision. Bringing together our individual inputs and embracing teamwork allows us to do even more at the end of the day. We believe that when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.


Our Founder: Mama Dolfine

Our Founder: Mama Dolfine



The Dolfie Korando Faith Foundation was founded by Mama Dolfine. She was a government-employed teacher for 20 years until she lost her 14 and 27 year old sons in 1996 within just one year. This very traumatizing experience brought her to depression followed by a premature retirement.
As she was staying at home, she started taking care of the first five orphans Miskela, Lucy, Isiah, Brenda and Kennedy; that gave a new meaning to her life. More of them started coming, finding shelter and care with her, but also food and financial support to be send to public school.
In 2006 she opened her own non-formal school to accommodate even more children and reduce the increasing cost of school fees. Her husband Patrick became the headteacher of the new school and supported her greatly throughout the years.
Then in 2014 she had to handle another huge loss when her husband Patrick passed away.
Though life left it’s scars, it didn’t stop her. And today, at 68 years old, she keeps on pushing through challenges for those children in need, and has touched well over 1000 lives already.
Pamela Abila

Pamela Abila


Dennis Nyaridi

Dennis Nyaridi

Deputy Headteacher

Lydia Akinyi

Lydia Akinyi

Boarding Master

Stephene Omondi

Stephene Omondi

Maths Teacher

Johannes Samambo

Johannes Samambo

Social Worker

Judith Akinyi

Judith Akinyi

Kiswahili Teacher

Dan Ochieng

Dan Ochieng


Madam Norah

Madam Norah

ECD Classteacher


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your main projects?

Our main project is the provision of literacy, where we offer quality education to orphans and vulnerable children in our APBET primary school. Alongside this due to the vulnerability in the homes, we have a boarding and feeding program to supplement it and provide basic needs and loving care. We also have a bursary program for our high school and college students, where we pay fees to respective government institutions they have qualified for. We then supplement all this with summer camps, workshops and mindset training.

What is the organization’s goal?

The main mission and purpose of the organization is to uplift the local community through support of the OVCs by introducing programs aimed at providing education, vocational training, spiritual mentorship, healthcare, food, and shelter to achieve a responsible, socially and economically empowered individual.


Where is the organization based?

The Organization is based in Kisumu, along Kisumu-Busia road directly opposite Mamba petrol station.

How do you fund the project?

We run the whole program through well-wishers, donors, volunteers, and fundraising. We also have a farm that helps us support the feeding program.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by Donating or Volunteering. Donations can be made through our paybill or bank transfers. We also accept material donations.

Am I eligible to volunteer? If so, how can I volunteer?

You, you are eligible to volunteer. Join us in the school, the organization and at the farm and have an amazing experience. Just message us and we will reach out and get you slotted in the program.