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Asanteni to Alessia and Emmi

By Benson Abila


11. March 2020

 We are blessed to have Alessia Tabarini and Emmi Muller as part of our family, constantly showering our kids with so much joy and fun moments. They understand what the kids are going through and ensure can help in every way that they can.

Our hearts are full of gratitude as we thank them for equipping our boarding section with two more beds and 12 Mattresses. This helped us replace the mattresses which were in very bad condition and increase the comfort for our children. The smiles on the faces of the children could tell it all.

In the wave of spreading love and joy, our two beautiful Princhipesas organized a happy birthday party for our kids. A night filled with joy, laughter, emotions, full stomachs and dances marked an important date for all of our kids.

We are forever grateful for the unending support and love the two ladies brought to our family. After supporting our girls get to school by donating some money to help them purchase boarding stuff together with Oliver Fetch, the energy they pump into making things better for all us a family is priceless. Asante Sana, you have a special place in our hearts and Grazie Mille Emmi and Alessia.

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