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Quality education has the power to change lives. It is a vital tool for building a strong foundation for life. DKFF is not just about proving access to education, but also ensuring each child has access to basic needs and loving care. In order to uplift the community, our programs are aimed at achieving a responsible and socially and economically empowered individual
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Our Programs

Literacy, Basic needs and Loving care.

Our main project is the provision of literacy, where we offer quality education to orphans and vulnerable children in our APBET primary school. Alongside this due to the vulnerability in the homes, we have a boarding and feeding program to supplement it and provide basic needs and loving care. We also have a bursary program for our high school and college students, where we pay fees to respective government institutions they have qualified for. We then supplement all this with summer camps, workshops and mindset training to ensure that we achieve a responsible, socially and economically empowered individual.

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Asanteni to Alessia and Emmi

Asanteni to Alessia and Emmi

 We are blessed to have Alessia Tabarini and Emmi Muller as part of our family, constantly showering our kids with so much joy and fun moments. They understand what the kids are going through and ensure can help in every way that they can. Our hearts are full of...

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Our Programs

Our programs currently reach a total of 357 children.


Korando has an APBET primary school of 240 children from kindergarten to primary 8, all currently fully supported in the program.

Our bursary program has 113 secondary school students, who are also sponsored in various secondary schools across the country providing ample standard of recommended quality education.

5 students are sponsored in the University, including Maseno, JKUAT, Masinde Muliro and Baraton with 4 others also enrolled in college certificate programs.

Boarding and Feeding

The 240 children in primary school are on a feeding program of porridge during break and lunch for some to ensure all are well fed and ready to participate in learning and other school activities.

The foundation currently provides boarding for 74 children, all who are provided with breakfast, lunch, dinner and are part of the sponsored education program.

Workshops & Seminars

Workshops, training, and seminars organized to teach the children, staff and parents skills and mindset for survival and betterment by integrating relevant activities in these programs e.g Summer camps, Agricultural workshop training, Staff enlightenment seminars, mindset training.

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DKFF has a new home online!

DKFF has a new home online!

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